Russell Munson Photography: 4.4.19 19
4.4.19 19


The Playpen is a place to have fun without thinking about being a grownup. We all need a playpen especially if we happen to actually be a grownup. I use it as a place to keep a diary of what I see. Anything that catches my eye anywhere no matter what else I may be doing. No need for a fancy camera. A cell phone camera is fine, or a notebook. Just take a second to grab a snapshot or scribble a note. Don’t overthink it. Just do it. Right then. For the fun of it. The Playpen is a place for discovery, too, because if something catches your eye there is always a reason for it, and much to be learned if you later sit in your playpen at rest time and examine what you’ve seen with a child’s sense of openness and wonder unfiltered by a grownup’s assumptions and expectations.